NUX portable acoustic guitar effect processor
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NUX portable acoustic guitar effect processor

NUX portable acoustic guitar effect processor
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Fabrikant Nux
ArtikelcodeNUX PA-2 w
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  • portable acoustic guitar effect processor
    Inspiring Tones on the GO
    NUX PA-2 is can easily fit in your palm, yet it comes packed with 10 professionally designed effects models allowing for a wide variety of personal tonal character of your acoustic guitar. Dialing up a tone is easy with the bright LCD display and easy-to-use knobs and buttons.

    Define your sound
    PA-2 has 3 acoustic guitar sound simulation and enhances the sound based on guitar body type’s simulation. Whether your guitar body type is slim or jumbo, you can select one of the 3 “BODY” simulation and set up your sound by 3-band EQ, compressor, chorus effects, delay and reverb effects.

    Save Your Tone
    PA-2 has 9 factory and 9 user presets. Create your tone and save it, and carry wherever you want.

    More Than an Effect Unit
    NUX PA-2 comes with 2 additional handy functions: Tuner and Metronome. It has 2 tuning modes (Guitar and Chromatic) and adjustable tuning pitch from A=335 to A=445. Metronome range is 30-240 and it can be set manual or by using TAP TEMPO. 8 rhythm variations let you practice many different music styles.


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