Fender GREENTUNER chromatic tuner

Fender GREENTUNER chromatic tuner

Wordt met de hand aangezwengel dus geen batterij meer nodig

Fender GREENTUNER chromatic tuner
11.50 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
Fabrikant Fender
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chromatic tuner (wind-up) blister packed (weak battery needs about 60 wind-ups at first use)
Fender Outlet products come from the Service Centers of Fender Musical Instruments Group.
These items can be discontinued retail products or service/replacement items without retail packaging.
Offers for as long as stocks last.

Due to the age of the products the packaging or the product itself could be in less than 100% new condition.
However, to service anyone looking for that hard-to-find replacement part we have chosen to supply regardless of the condition of the item.
Please contact us when any item is received below expectation.

Mounting materials might be not included.


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