Ibanez TS808, Tube screamer

Ibanez TS808, Tube screamer

Overdrive, Tone en Level controls

Ibanez TS808, Tube screamer
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Fabrikant Ibanez
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Often imitated but never duplicated, our TS808 Tube screamer very well may have spawned more off-shoots and variations than any other pedal on the market.
Now you can own the faithful reissue of this world-famous stomp box at a price that doesn't break the bank.
The reissue includes the same JRC4558D IC chip and analog circuitry as the original, and features traditional overdrive, level, and tone controls.

•Overdrive, Tone and Level controls
•Required Current: 8mA@9V
•Power Supply: One 9 volt battery (006P) or external AC adapter (Use only DC 9V (Center-negative)), Converter Cable included.


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