Joyo IronMan Future Chorus

Joyo IronMan Future Chorus

JF-316 Future Chorus Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

Joyo IronMan Future Chorus
Joyo IronMan Future Chorus
Joyo IronMan Future Chorus
Joyo IronMan Future Chorus
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Fabrikant Joyo
ArtikelcodeJOY-JF-316 w
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The JOYO JF-316 Future Chorus is a beautifully musical chorus. The
Future Chorus isn't a cheesy, in your face, wall of chorus like some
other chorus pedals are. You aren't going to get the over the top, over
used 80's style chorus from the Future Chorus. It is a far more
musical. Even with the Level control maxed it never gets out of hand.
It only ever lends itself to giving your clean tone that extra bit of
sparkle and something magic.

The Future Chorus can happily be left on all the time on your clean
setting, it will blend that well with your clean tone that you'll
forget you have it on as it becomes such a part of your sound. Whether
you leave it on all the time like I do or you kick it in and out and
only use it on intricately picked passages to make them stand out
you'll fall in love with the Future Chorus.

The Future Chorus also works brilliantly on both Bass and Acoustic
Guitars. It really helps to make your bass lines pop by giving them
that little bit of texture to make them stand out in the mix. A finger
picked Acoustic Guitar running through the Future Chorus set to a
moderate level is one of the nicest tones we've ever heard here.

For many guitar players they consider chorus to be that cheesy sound
from the 80's. Which is true, but also used as a staple effect by many
of the 80's grunge and indie players, so essential if you like the
sounds of the old school.

Use this little chorus to widen your sound to full effect, bring it to
the front of the mix and give your clean sounds much more depth.

The JOYO Future Chorus is a subtle analog chorus that never sounds too
much, even in an extreme settings, the sound you dial in remains fully
usable, If you need a beautifully transparent chorus that works in many
situations, then this little future chorus is the pedal for you.


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