Fender Mechanieken

Fender Mechanieken

American Standard, 2 guide pins, set of 6, gold

Fender Mechanieken
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Fabrikant Fender
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machine heads, American Standard, 2 guide pins, set of 6, gold
Set of six tuners designed to fit most modern-style Fender® electric guitars with dual-pin mounting configuration. Tall post tuners are used for low E and A strings and shorter post tuners used for D, G, B and high E strings. Staggered tuners increase the break angle over the nut and improve tuning stability. Available in chrome and gold plated. Mounting hardware included.


Set of six tuning machines (2 long post and 4 short post)
Gear ratio 14:1
Dual guide pin mounting
Bushings and washers included
Used on American Professional, American Standard and American Series guitars


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