Fender original parts

Fender original parts

tilt-back leg kit, with mounting hardware, 16"

Fender original parts
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Fabrikant Fender
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tilt-back leg kit, with mounting hardware, 16"

Set of two 16" tilt-back amplifier legs for optimal sonic projection in all performance environments
Includes necessary mounting hardware to secure legs to sides of cabinet
"Fender" is stamped on each leg
Introduced on Blonde, Brown, and Blackface™-era amplifiers
Used on "The Twin", Showman® 50, Dual Professional, Super-Sonic™ series, '65 Twin Reverb®, '94 Twin-Amp™, '63 Vibroverb™, Custom Vibrolux®, Custom Vibrasonic, and Tone-Master® 212 amplifiers


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